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We know time is money.  We can commit to delivering on time and in the right quantity, every time.  We have delivery trucks and options that are sure to meet the demands of your most complex projects. 

1Do you Sell Weed Fabric?
Yes, we do sell various sized rolls of Weed Fabric. Most of these fabrics feature a high tensile strength rating which allows it to maintain the heaviest loads and does not allow weeds to penetrate. The long-term, high quality design of the fabrics will ensure you do the job right the first time! This fabric is easy to handle and install.

Sizes of Weed Fabric are: 3'x25', 3' x 50', 3'x100', 4'x50', 3'x250', 4x250', 5x250' and 6'x250' - We've got you covered from the smallest or largest of jobs!! We also sell the pins which keep the fabric in place.
2What is the Whitish Deposit I see on some Paver Installations?
You are probably referring to "efflorescence", a natural and common occurence in conrete and brick products. Efflorescence is the result of natural salts in the materials used in production migrating to the surface of the pavers. This is not a defect nor harmful to the pavers, and will usually weather away with time. Although it is best to allow a year or more for efflorescence to weather away, if you don't want to wait for it to weather away, we offer a cleaning product to remove it. Do not use efflorescence cleaners repeatedly. Once the pavers are cleaned, it is recommended that they be sealed.
3What does a "Cubic Yard" Bucket Look Like?
This is a "Cubic Yard" size bucket.
Instructions to figure out how many cubic yards you need:
1. Find the area of the space you want to fill by multiplying the length of the space by the width of the space. 2. Decide on the depth that you want your material and convert into inches (2" Depth = .17 feet, 3" Depth = .25 feet) 3. Multiply length of bed x width of bed x depth (in feet), then divide your number by 27. Now you know how many cubic yards you need for your area! You can also use the "Calculator" located on our "How Much to Buy Page." Input the length of your area, the width of your area and how deep you want your product. It will give you the cubic yards needed to do the job.
4How do you Load Customers with Mulch?
We can load various sized trucks (from small pick ups to tri-axle trucks) and trailers. We can load 1/2 and full pallets of stone or EP Henry Products into your truck or trailer using our Skidloader.
5Do you have accessories for mulching or hardscaping?
We have most all of the items needed to assist you with your yard project such as; fabrics, nails, pins, glue, edging, etc.
6Is your topsoil and compost organic?
We can trace all of our topsoil and compost from original sources and feel confident that they are as organic as we can obtain. We use all of these products for our own vegetable gardens.
7How tall can I build my retaining wall?
Height limitations without geogrid for all our retaining wall products are listed within the catalog. Log on to the manufacturers website.
8Can I Save Money On Large Quantity Purchases?
Most definitely! We deliver full tri-axle loads of bulk stone, topsoil, and mulch (+/- 22tons) and full flatbed loads of palletized materials up to 14 pallets. Please call with your large quantity needs for custom quoting. We ask for 2-3 days notice on tri-axle and flatbed deliveries.
9Does Best Install?
No, we are a full service retail hardscape material supply yard. We will refer you to our network of installers.
10Does Best Sell to Homeowners?
Yes, most definitely!! We welcome both homeowners and contractors!
11Does Best Deliver?
Yes we deliver in Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. Prices for delivery are distance sensitive. Please call for a delivery quote.
12How is your bulk material sold?
Mulch, topsoil, and stone are sold by the cubic yard. Typically one cubic yard will cover a 10'x10' area at a 3" depth or 10'x15' at a 2" depth. If you need a small quantity, bring your own bucket to fill yourself. We charge a minimal price. Use our Calculator on our Website Home Page to assist in figuring out how much material you will need.
13What is Durafacing on a Paver?
Durafacing is the trade name EP Henry uses for their process of creating what is known in the industry as a "face mix" paver. Durafacing is a sophisticated process, requiring a higher level of manufacturing equipment and skill, which produces an enhanced surface texture with exceptional strength. This technique came from Europe which is where most paver technology originated.
Durafacing Layer - A sophisticated process that bonds a super-smooth concentraton of cement, pigment and fine aggregates into the top layer of the paver. Increased cement and pigment means: *A much smoother, denser surface *Richer, deeper colors, and greater durability. Base Layer - *Comprised of cement, sand, and coarse aggregate for strength with additional pigment. *Larger stones gives inherently greater strength *Exceeds industry standards for concrete pavers. What is so great about EP Henry Durafacing? EP Henry pavers possess a smoother texture and richer color than those of other manufacturers, providing you with the most attractive and highest quality product. In fact, they are so durable that EP Henry stands behind them with our Lifetime Warranty. And, EP Henry pavers with Durafacing technology do not cost more than other paving stones on the market. Don't be fooled by misleading claims that face-mix pavers will delaminate. EP Henry guarantees that it is simply not true. Quality, beauty, and durability to last a lifetime, only with Durafacing technology, only from EP Henry.

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