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"OUCH"!!!    Keep your feet "planted on the ground" this winter by using Safe Step Standard 3300 Rock Salt.  Sold Here!!!

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Rock Salt

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We are located along the busy Route 301 just north of Middletown.  Even though it's cold outside, our staff is eager to assist you with your projects!!  We want to make your landscaping/hardscaping project a positive gratifying experience.  We can calculate the amount of product we think you'll need (with help from YOU with measurements of your area), give suggestions, show you options of various products and then DELIVER the product to you.  Call 302-378-1231

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$15.00 off all pallets of natural stone. 

Natural Wallstone can create a beautiful landscaping border around your flower beds, trees, walkways and pond.  It comes in a few colors;  West Mountain - earthy brown and tan tones, Blue Snap - blue and gray tones and Lilac - Reddish brown tones.  Prices begin at $205.00/pallet. 

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 Expires 12/31/2014

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calculator_web.jpgTrying to figure out how much to buy?  Click Here to use our online materials calculator.  Supply some basic measurements and the calculator will do the rest.